Seychelles complete Biography

To increase revenue, in 1996 the government quietly initiated an Economic Citizenship Program that provides foreigners with the opportunity to obtain a Seychelles passport upon payment of $25,000.

A new law in late 1995 had granted immunity from criminal prosecution to anyone investing $10 million in the country.

The principal islands are Mahé (55 sq mi; 142 sq km), Praslin (15 sq mi; 38 sq km), and La Digue (4 sq mi; 10 sq km).The islands became self-governing in 1975 and independent on June 29, 1976. They have remained a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Their first president, James Mancham, was overthrown in 1977 by the prime minister, France-Albert René.The Seychelles were uninhabited when the British East India Company arrived on the archipelago in 1609.

Thereafter, they became a favorite pirate haven. The French claimed the islands in 1756 and administered them as part of the colony of Mauritius.

The British gained control of the islands through the Treaty of Paris (1814) and changed the islands' name from the French Séchelles to the Anglicized Seychelles.

At first René created a Socialist state with a one-party system, but later he reintroduced a multiparty system as well as various reforms.

The Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches groups are included in the territory of the republic. he Seychelles consist of an archipelago of about 100 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar.

In April 2004, President France-Albert René stepped down after 27 years in power. His vice president, James Michel, who had also served in the government for 27 years, assumed the presidency. In July 2006, Michel won reelection with 53.7% of the vote.


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