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WWith this package, the Compass gets four-wheel-drive and an off-road mode that puts the transmission in low range. Skid plates protect the underbody and a full-size spare tire makes it possible to get back to the road in case of a flat. In the short video above, at 14 seconds and again at 28 seconds, you can see what the view out of the windshield would look like in a car equipped with this navigation system.

At the very top of the windshield, a translucent line stretches out along the road. When the navigation system wants to indicate an upcoming turn, the line changes to arrows and curves over toward the actual road you should take.

Among the full-electric vehicles were the Ford Focus Electric and Honda Fit EV, but there were also examples from smaller companies, such as Venturi and Li-ion Motors. but the car has a more upright grille. From the side, it almost looks like an Audi A4.

Toyota's Prius gained a plug-in model. Conventional hybrids were among the most numerous, counting among their ranks Toyota's new Prius V and C models, Audi's new A4 hybrid sedan, and Porsche's beastly 918 RSR concept. Some of the design cues on the new Passat are similar to those of the Jetta,

The base Compass is still a front-wheel-drive vehicle not suitable for ranging through the wilderness, but Jeep says its Freedom Drive II Off-Road package gives the Compass back country chops. The interior shows a new plushness that should compete well in the midsize segment, and further Volkwagen's goal of gaining U.S. market share.

The Curb, for short, is a compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) with an overall length that's only 4-inches longer than the smallest of Hyundai's lineup, the Accent. However, the Curb manages to cram a good deal into that small space.

The new 2012 model features revised front and rear ends that are the spitting image of what we saw in Paris. BMW's designers have softened the nose and widened the eyes for a look that's more in line with the freshly launched new 7-Series sedan. Out back, the Bangle Butt is gone, replaced with a rear end that is a bit easier on the eyes.

But kept secret until the 2011 Detroit auto show was the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Both models use a hybrid system similar to that found in the Ford Fusion Hybrid, an Atkinson cycle engine paired with an electric traction motor, letting the cars drive under electric power alone at speeds up to 47 mph.

After some dithering, the company came up with a new, slightly larger, less funky looking version of the Spark aimed at the U.S. This new car is called the Sonic, and replaces the current Aveo. It makes sense, but is a little odd. Fortunately, we like odd.

The first thing you'll notice about the Veloster (or second, depending on which side of the car you're standing) is the third door on the coupe's passenger side. Hyundai claims that by using two shorter doors on this side of the vehicle, it is able to both ease entrance into the Veloster's rear seat and ease parking by shortening what would be one longer door.

The Sonic is a small car, but looks substantial, with a stance reminiscent of Scion models. Some features carry over directly from the European Spark, such as the rear door handles set into the side graphic, and the compact instrument cluster module. The car features similar options and design as we saw on the Jetta update last year, with a more stately appearance suitable to the segment.

DETROIT--With the Fiesta, Ford started to bring its European-designed cars to the U.S. This effort has been followed through with the new Focus and the C-Max people carrier, the latter currently sold in Europe. Ford previously announced the C-Max would be coming to the U.S.

but at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, BMW has unveiled the next iteration of the 650i Convertible. BMW pulls back the curtains and drops the top on the new 6 Series convertible at the 2011 Detroit auto show. DETROIT--Sitting near the bottom of Jeep's model lineup, the Compass fell short of Jeep's reputation for go-anywhere ruggedness.

Hyundai's HCD-12 Curb Concept blends what the automaker calls "tough tech" with "fluidic sculpture" design language. But at the 2011 Detroit auto show, Jeep showed off an update to the Compass that earns the brand's Trail Rated designation.

Billing it as its New Midsize Sedan preshow, Volkswagen launched the 2012 Passat at the Detroit auto show this week.
At this year's Detroit auto show, the concept cars looked like serious moves toward a production vehicle rather than a designer's fever dreams. And telling among this crop was the predominance of compact SUVs, a segment that automakers expect to grow.


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