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Because I write for newspapers and have TV and radio shows, I get to meet a variety of celebrities. John is the friendliest celebrity I have ever met.

He always seems happy to see you and always calls you by name. John is not your guy next door. He is John Travolta. John is aware of his celebrity but he enjoys it.

He always says he is thinking about quitting and starting a career as an author or something more formidable. Whether he will or not remains to be seen as his career keeps on rocking along. Plus she always let loose with that rich, throaty laugh of hers.

The same was true with Hugh Grant. I have interviewed him several times and every time I talk with him he states how he doesn't think acting is a very serious profession for a man.

Then there is John Travolta. That is the impression I get from him. He enjoys being John Travolta and he wants you to enjoy it too.

I get to meet some who are on their way up, and I get to meet some who are on their way down. I meet some who take themselves very seriously and others who don't seem to have a clue that they are stars.

It varies from person to person.The other extreme was Julia Roberts. I have interviewed Julia three or four times and each time I interviewed her she was having a great time.

She was herself and let the chips fall where they might. I never had the feeling her answers were rehearsed or anything other than spontaneous.


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