hang son doong Complete biography

“Khanh has been a guide for the team in many expeditions to the jungle to explore caves and this year he took a team to the cave which had never been entered before by anyone including local jungle men,”Thanks to amazing scene, the Hang Loong Con is called “Cactus Garden”.

The cave’s ceiling is scalloped from flood thousand decades ago.The entrance to Hang Son Doong is shrouded by forest which makes Hang Son Doong practically invisible.

Only by spotting winds from the opening that the explorers found the cave.Near the “Garden of Edam”, cave pearls in dried-out terrace pools make unbelievably scene in Hang Son Doong.

The roaring train sound leads the hunters to the second waterfall in Hang Son Doong through a sinkhole opening.From the cave, it is easy to view the hills of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Bomb craters during the Vietnam War now become fishponds.they had to negotiate two underground rivers before reaching the main passage of the Hang Son Doong.Explorers are traveling in theheadroom shrinksof central Hang En.

A local farmer found the cave in 1991 due to the sound of whistling from the underground river but he was too scared to delve inside. The Largest Cave in the World has been discovered in April 2009 by Members of a British expedition in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.The entrance to the cave was first found by a local man, Ho Khanh, in 1991.

Until 2009, the cave was made public by scientists from the British Cave Research Association.Even a jungle grows inside Hang Son Doong thanks to the roof which collapsed a long time ago.The team spent six hours trekking through the jungle to reached the cave. Climbing down into a large chamber, This is Hang En – a tunnel of the Rao Thuong River.

Hang Son Doong which means “Mountain River Cave” in Vietnamese is located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, middle Vietnam. It is also near the Vietnam - Laos border. During dry months, the cave is dwindling as ponds as shown in the picture. In the flood season, water can rise high to cover all rocks.

With the measurement of no less than 262-by-262 feet (80-by-80 meters) wide and 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) long, Hang Son Doong can absolutely beat the world record holder Deer Cave in the Malaysian for the world's largest cave.Streams of light from outside uncover numerous stalagmites of the cave.

A caver team from the British Cave Research Association expedition has found massive Hang Son Doong cave - the Earth's largest known cave passage.

Robbie has worked with the BBC on the fantastic series ‘Power of the Planet’, the challenge programme ‘Ultimate Caving’ and the popular children’s programme ‘Blue Peter’.

He even took on the role of Richard Hammond’s stunt double in a Morrison’s Supermarket television commercial.

Not restricted to photography, Robbie holds the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Level 3 Supervisor certificate which qualifies him to work and supervise people working at height on ropes. Film and television crews often call upon these skills.

He has covered caving expeditions to Borneo, China, California, Crete and Spain, and spent three months in Vietnam with National Geographic Magazine, assisting with the photography for the story on Hang Son Doong (In Press)

arguably the largest cave passage in the world! His current project involves the photography for a coffee table book on the infamous Gouffre Berger, France sponsored by outdoor equipment manufacturer; Petzl.

Specialising in caves and capturing stories of exploration as they unfold, Robbie has photographed the ‘deepest’, ‘largest’, ‘longest’ systems known and regularly unveils the immense wonder of the world beneath our feet in national newspapers and magazines.


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