Beautiful Emma Roberts Biography

It just took a few small movie roles for the big wigs at Nickelodeon to take notice of this blossoming, young actor. Emma was soon offered her very own sitcom. Emma plays Addie Singer, a seventh-grader who spends most of her time holed up in her bedroom writing her own songs and playing her guitar. In real-life, Emma released the Unfabulous soundtrack which is called Unfabulous and More: Emma Roberts.

She sings all the tracks on the disc and even co-wrote one of the songs. If anyone doubted Emma Roberts' acting ability, she's managed to change their minds.Besides working on her role as the High School girl Addie on Unfabulous, she is also beginning to work on the movie Aquamarine with teen pop singer JoJo about two girls that find a mermaid. [Note: She is also good friends with fellow Nickelodeon teen leading lady Jamie Lynn Spears).

She has two more motion pictures in her future, Camp Couture (produced by her mother Kelly Cunningham) where instead of spending a summer at an expensive summer camp, she goes to a run of the mill camp and Bras and Broomsticks in which a girl inherits her mother's magical powers.

Both movies are slated to be released in 2006. While continuing to work on her Nick show, Emma signed onto a ton of movies. She filmed the mermaid flick, Aquamarine, with chart-topper JoJo and Sleepover star, Sara Paxton in Australia in 2006 and you can catch her solving crimes in when it hits theaters on June 15, 2007. In 2008,

She has a stepbrother (Keaton Simons, a musician and her mentor) and a stepsister (Morgan Simons), as well as a half-sister named Grace Nickels (born in March 2004 to mom Kelly and the father is Kelly Nickels, former bassist of the LA Guns). She is the niece of actresses Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman, etc.) and Lisa Roberts Gillan

she split her time living with her mother and her father with step-mother Eliza (Garret) [Eliza Simons by a previous marriage]. Hobbies and Interests: singing, swimming, drawing, reading, playing volleyball, summer camp, playing the guitar (started playing when she was 10)

Emma Roberts was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York to (actor) Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham (never married). Because her parents separated when she was very young,

  • Emma Roberts sang the song If I Had It My Way on the Ice Princess soundtrack.
  • Emma Roberts' dad, Eric Roberts, has been in over 100 movies!
  • Emma Roberts is good friends with Britney Spears' little sis, Jamie Lynn Spears.
  • Emma Roberts began playing the guitar when she was 10.

  • Emma will continue to keep a high profile with the flick Wild Child.
  • Emma Roberts' dad, Eric Roberts, is Julia Roberts' brother.
  • Emma Roberts won a Young Artist Award in 2007 for Best Perfomance in a Feature

    • Phinnaeus Walter Moder - Cousin
    • Henry Daniel Moder - Cousin
    • Dathan Kuppin - Significant Other
    • Alex Pettyfer - Ex-significant Other

    • Kelly Cunningham - Mother
    • Kelly Nickels - Stepfather
    • Lisa Roberts Gillan - Aunt

    • Grace Nickels - Half Sister
    • Hazel Patricia Moder - Cousin
    • Julia Roberts - Aunt

    • Emma Roberts Relationships:
    • Eliza Roberts - Stepmother
    • Eric Roberts - Father


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