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Soqqara Egypte

So, what is it about this restaurant and its young chef, Sean Brock, that attracts so much attention, that moves so many to action? Wherefore the popularity, wherefore the devotion?

Sean Brock is a chef whom people love to admire. He’s incredibly charming and funny, self-deprecating and humble too, never missing an opportunity to put others before him.

Cothedrale Malte

He loves to love. The objects of his affections are many: the South, his mother, and bourbon among them. So are his desires to feed others and make them feel special.

Limerick Irlande

My recent dinner at McCrady’s with chuckeats,

Illinois USA

having sketched out but a few of them a couple of hours before our arrival.This was Sean Brock, unplugged, unscripted, at play, inspired.

Santorini Grece

as our desserts arrived towards the end of our meal,

Londres Inglaterre

the tippy-top of what he could get – for months, a list that ran four pages long.

Cyclades Grece

dedicating to it a level of seriousness to match. He told us that he had been gathering ingredients

Paris France

Gush not over him, or his talent. Instead, he urges you to celebrate with him the wonderful world that surrounds us all.

Karcula Croacla

Miss O.M.G., and Tomo was one that was years in the making. And Sean approached it accordingly,

Londres Inglaterre

he revealed to us that he had been cooking extemporaneously, composing most of our eighteen dishes on the fly,

Moscow Russia

Monte Carlo Monaco

Picchu Perou

Nikke Japan

Florencia Italia

Copri Italia


Rome Italie

Bombay India

Vancouver Canada



Afrique du Sud




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