Arctic Trucks Review & pics

When we convert a SUV to 35” tires, we lift the suspension 40 mm, and in some cases we would lift both the suspension and the body. The AT35 is ideal for hunters, farmers and park rangers, or just for those who want something different from the rest. Extra fender flares are used which gives your SUV a powerful look and separates it from all others. Also will it give you the possibility to deflate your tires, so that you get a better flotation in snow, sand and mud. With the AT35 you can take your SUV to almost any mountain road in the world, with out having any trouble. The AT35 will give you much grater ground clearance, better traction, softer ride, higher seating and most of all a feeling of confidence.

35x12,5R15” tires
15x10” alloy wheels

Torque wrench
Fender flares, painted

Running boards and brackets
Mud flaps

Speedometer calibrator
40 mm suspension lift, front/rear

Fender trimming, front/rear
Fire extinguisher

First aid kit
Wheel alignment


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