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Primo is a 44 metres stylish converted tug, which offers all the charm and originality of its background that has travelled the oceans of the world.
Transformed into an elegant yacht for exclusive cruises, Ariete Primo has preserved all the elegance of Old England.

Precious woodwork and furnishings create a warm, cosy interior where nothing is left up to chance: every detail is carefully designed to offer the pleasure of total relaxation and make guests feel perfectly at home. The yacht offers a mosaic, tiled spa offering chromo therapy and aromatherapy, a gym, a hammam and a whirlpool bath to pamper both body and mind.

Ariete Primo is like a little town in itself: it has its own water-maker providing 320 litres of fresh water per hour. Electricity is not a problem thanks to three powerful generators. Fuel load capacity is high -the boat can sail all the way from Europe to America without stopovers. All with the utmost safety and dependability, and all the most elegant comforts for a truly exclusive vacation.

A tugboat of 44 metres and 20 centimetres of steel, 635 tons with a draught of more than 4 metres travelling at up to 15 knots with a 2,700 hp engine fuelled by a 90 thousand litre tank, four decks transformed with a lot of work into an elegant, sober luxury vessel.


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