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Online education lets you move ahead without quitting your day job. Let's face it, you are busier than ever with work, family, and errands. But you can't drop everything to go back to school. You need a school that works with your packed schedule. That's where online classes comes in- flexible, convenient, and plenty of bang for your buck.
Online schools offer a wide variety of accredited degree programs that you can take at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Degree programs offered range from certificates to associates degrees to bachelor's degrees and even up to doctorates. From Nursing, Criminal Justice, and Information Systems to Education, Accounting, and Psychology, online universities have the majors you are looking for. Best of all, you can learn when you want without leaving home.
oneline colleges give you the knowledge and training you need to move your career forward. Degree programs range from two to four years in length. Because online students don't have to quit their full-time jobs while in school, they are able to gain a degree and invaluable work experience simultaneously.
The first step toward earning an online degree is learning more. Classes and Careers lets you browse thousands of accredited online degrees and contact schools for more information. Welcome to the first step toward your next degree…

Online Students

Most individuals that decide to go to school do it for two reasons: one being that they want to increase their skills and knowledge, and the second being that they want higher wages and they believe earning a degree can help them reach that. These are the reasons that most individuals choose to go to school but today there are more options available to students and they must first consider the advantages and disadvantages between a degree from a traditional verses an online university.

In recent years online classes and degrees have grown drastically in popularity because of the convenience they offer. In 2009, approximately 15.15 percent of students took all their classes in a physical classroom and in 2014 that is expected to decrease to 5.14 percent. And in 2009, only 10.65 percent of students took a combination of traditional and online courses but in 2014 that is expected to increase to 18.65 according to “Innovation in Educational Technology”.1

As the numbers show, the demand for distance learning is rising because these types of programs make it possible for individuals to earn a degree and attend class without changing their life. Improvements in the internet allow individuals to learn and improve themselves without giving up their lifestyle.

Online courses offer:
• Accessibility
• Applicability
• Flexibility
. Speed
• Variety
• Work-Ability

Degree Length

Because of the fact online students aren’t tied to semesters like traditional students they can start working on their degrees at any time. They have the option to take as many classes as they want and avoid the unnecessary breaks or they have the option to take just one class at a time. So how fast students earn their degree really depends on them. However, students must realize that different types of degrees and programs may take longer to earn than others. For example, it typically takes two years to earn an associates, four years for a bachelors, and six years for a master’s degree. But depending on certain factors like whether students go to school full time/part time, have transfer credit, along with the program and degree they decide on, the amount of time it will take to earn that degree will vary.

Degree Programs

Basically, any type of degree an individual wants is available online. Through the years, there has been a greater demand for online education and that has increased the number of degree programs available. But some programs seem to be better suited to online learning and others campus based classes, because some require more human interaction and hands on physical learning than others.

Now when it comes to cost, college is expensive. But the truth is that individuals are usually getting the best bang for their buck with a public school. Shockingly enough the costs at traditional schools are usually less than private for profit online schools. Students at a four-year public school paying in state tuition along with room and board may expect to pay $9,953 for an academic year, whereas the average private- for-profit university is much more expensive.5

The average among the top ten universities was $385 per credit multiplied by 30 credits equals $11,550 an academic year in tuition alone. And that figure doesn’t include room and board or books. So an online degree is generally more expensive than at a traditional college, but nontraditional students definitely get flexibility.Another key factor to contemplate is the debt many college students accumulate. Students have a lot of expenses and some have to take out loans in order to pay for their college education. These loans help thousands of students earn their degree, but they can quickly spiral out of control. According to the nonprofit organization Institute for College Access and Success, they found in the Project on Student Debt that the average student who graduated from college left with $23,200 worth of debt in 2008.6

And the rates are even higher among online students. And if this isn’t discouraging enough, the Education Department released data showing that students who took out federal loans to attend for-profit colleges have higher default rates than other students who went to public or private non-profit schools.
A college education is a great goal but it also comes with a lot of decisions. Potential and current students need to understand the benefits and disadvantages of both a traditional and online degree. A degree takes a lot of effort, time, and money to complete so individuals need to be fully invested. After weighing all of the pluses and minuses associated with each type of degree if individuals decide to pursue an online degree is a free site that can help answer questions and put individuals in contact with counselors at the school of their choice by filling out a simple form. Earning a degree is one of the best things individuals can do to improve their life.


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