Hair dyes causes itchy rash on neck to some people who are allergic to it. If you are applying hair dye/color then the reaction which occurs are reddening and swelling of skin on neck, scalp and eye lids but it goes away after few hours.\par
Allergies to perfumes, aftershave, makeup and shampoos can make your skin red and swollen.\par
2. Metals used in Jewelry can cause red itchy marks due to allergic reactions. If you wear warm clothes after a long time or clothes which are not washed and kept for a long time when worn can lead to itching rash on neck.\par
3. Few people show allergic reactions towards certain food items. I am at times allergic to fish as I get rashes on my face and neck which itch. Due to allergy towards food and medicine some people have swollen face, itchy neck and the condition stays like that for several hours to few minutes. Do consult your doctor if the condition gets worst as it can lead to difficult breathing.\par
4. Men who sport beards can have itchy necks due to bacterial infection and have red bumps it can occur soon after shaving or few days after shaving. Men who have beards and work with animals are prone to fungal infection .Treatment can be done by taking anti fungal medicines.\par
5. There are certain conditions which affects the scalp as well as back of neck and can cause itchy neck rashes such as allergy towards the saliva of head lice can cause red itchy bumps, Tinea capitis is a fungal infection which affects scalp and neck of kids which are scaly and red in color.\par
Cure of itching rash on neck:\par
1. To cure your itchy neck rash you can use olive oil as it is a good moisturizer and it should be applied frequently to the infected area to bring relief.\par
2. A very simple remedy which you can follow is that drink plenty of water, it will clean your system from toxins. Drinking water the first thing in the morning can do wonders to you. Make a habit of drinking at least 12 glasses of water every day.\par
3. Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on skin so apply a gel of aloe Vera with Vitamin E oil to heal the rash.\par
4. If rash is due to allergy then you should use take an antihistamines. Anti itch creams like Itch-X and Benadryl is also beneficial in curing the rash.\par


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