Energy drinks are marketed heavily and are easily available in grocery stores. Energy drinks can be bad for you, since they contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine makes you anxious and may even trigger a headache. Caffeine also causes stomach pain, and can make health problems worse. Caffeine can cause heart palpitations too, which is the irregular beating of the heart.

Body Chemistry
Energy drinks all try to stimulate something in your body that leads to your awakening and feeling as though you have more energy. One big mistake that most people make is that energy drinks will have the same effect on them, regardless of the choice of drink, and ignoring an individual’s unique body chemical make-up.
Think about it this way: We know that alcohol has a unique effect on everyone who consumes it (some people get drunk faster, have different allergic reactions to alcohol, etc), so there is no reason to believe that these drinks will have a different result among various consumers.

Many raves don’t sell alcohol but in fact focus on water and energy drink sales. While gaining energy from sugar in and of itself is not such a bad thing, be warned that drinking lots of sugar can make you feel full. Carbonation, which can come from soft drinks as well, also makes you feel full. Ravers who become ill frequently keep dancing or remain active, and fail to re-hydrate as they should, in part because they think they’re full. What ends up happening is that their body shuts down due to the lack of fluids, and they collapse.

Energy Drinks, Alcohol & Death
Bars around the world mix vodka with energy drinks, especially Red Bull. This is mixing a depressant (alcohol) with a stimulant (the energy drink). This can have an effect on your heart and claims have been made that this combination has lead to death. As such, some countries in Europe have banned Red Bull and other energy drinks.

Some energy drinks offer a variety of vitamins. It’s important to note that your body will take what it needs and pee off the extra vitamins. So this isn’t a major health booster.
Popular Terms
The most popular energy drinks include Red Bull, Monster, XS (get it – excess), Boost, Crunk, Rockstar, Crunk Juice, Full Throttle, Spark, Amp , Rush, SoBe, Pimp Juice, Shark, Piranha, Red Line, Bookoo, Socko, Fuze, Hype, Guru, and Atomic X.

This combination consists of carbohydrates that can cause the body absorption of nutrients and food into the bloodstream to become more difficult. This means that the person drinking too much of the energy drink can encounter gastrointestinal issues.

Second, not only nutrients are harder to be absorbed in the body, but also the fluids. This means that hydration cannot be made at the optimal rate, also causing health problems. This hydration issue must concern especially athletes, whose bodies lose an important quantity of water during training. They should be careful about the intake of this energy drink, especially since it is designed for them.

The Monster energy drink is also rich in sugar. Once in the body, the product brings a lot of sugar, which is transferred into the bloodstream. When the effect of the energy drink wear off and the sugar level in the blood drops, this can be quite visible and the person consuming the product can feel it quite well. Also, some laxative effect can occur.

Other side effects of the Monster energy drink is strongly related to the caffeine it contains. Caffeine is important as it plays a major role in giving energy to the body. But large quantities of caffeine can cause insomnia and other sleep disorders with important effect for the general health. Caffeine also is responsible for ailments like high blood pressure and heart diseases.

A side effect of the Monster energy drink is the boost of energy it gives when consumed. Of course, this is not a negative side effect, but a positive one. The body feels invigorated and this is a great think when you need to exercise or perform heavy tasks.

It is good to know about the side effects of an energy drink when you decide to consume it, especially on a regular basis. If you know about the ingredients and their side effects, it is easier for you to decide whether the drink is good for you and if it can provide the help you seek. The considerations for your health are important, so drink this only if you think that it is good for you.

According to Liz Applegate, a sports nutritionist at the University of California of Davis, energy drinks do contain vitamins
and amino acids, but they are nothing more than caffeine in a can with a lot of sugar. These drinks raise a lot of concerns for nutritionists and doctors, mostly because
of the dehydration factors.

According to The Medical Review board, water is an issue because caffeine, like alcohol, is a diuretic that promotes fluid loss.
Energy drinks have been compared on many instances to having the same effects as when
drinking soda.

Another problem with energy drinks is that they are drunk in large amounts at a time, unlike coffee, which is sipped slowly and has time to process in the body. Some people that drink energy drinks may be sensitive to caffeine and this may have effects such as anxiety, palpitations, irritability, and insomnia.

Sugar is a quick form of energy so the companies who make these drinks just add a lot of sugar to make their products more reliable and keep them selling. Some vitamins are added to the drinks to make it
appear healthy but they have very little it probably has no real effec


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