Coffee only acts as a stimulant while an apple's sugar and fiber will provide long-lasting energy.

According to La Confiteria, an apple gives the digestive system a boost in the morning because of the fiber and pectin it contains. Pectins helps to normalize blood sugar levels, which will also lessen a morning craving for food.

"Apples have more nutrients and they are healthier than a cup of coffee. Coffee is also a dehydrant," Lynne Maier, a registered nurse and clinic coordinator at the Health Center, said.

Eating an apple has many health benefits because it contains 15 percent of your daily needed dietary fiber and 13 percent of your daily vitamin C. One apple also contains a mere 81 calories.

Apples contain antioxidants and flavooids which help keep the heart healthy. Flavonoids also help lower the risk of heart disease, help prevent inflamation and help to prevent over-clumping of blood platelets.

A flavonoid, phlorizin, has been known to help with lung function and reduce the risk of asthma.In addition, the 15 percent daily value of dietary fiber apples contain can assist in keeping cholesterol levels under control. Studies show that apples are also shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer and studies are pending on whether or not they also may reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.

ating an apple every day is not necessecary, but eating an apple three times a week will still provide these health benefits.

"[Although] apples provide fiber, more hydration, the feeling of fullness and is a healthier way to lose weight, coffee contains antioxidants and two or three cups a day is not doing any harm to your body," Maier said.

Despite what many may believe, apples are much healthier than apple juice. However, "cloudy" apple juice is better than "clear" apple juice. Cloudy apple juice contains apple pulp which supports the cardiovascular system.

Apples are one of the many healthy foods that can be eaten for many health benefits, but there are also eight more that should be eaten every day.


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