A war against Iran

Could be catastrophic

If the U.S. does NOT use nuclear weapons in a first strike to take out nuclear facilities, it will do so in a retaliatory strike.
* Iran is only a few hundred miles from Russia. Will Russian military leaders panic at electro-magnetic pulse effects and radiation blowing their way?

* Iranian officials have made credible threats to retaliate with accurate, long range, high explosive missiles against Israel’s nuclear plant and cities, U.S. bases and troops in Iraq and U.S. ships at sea. They could deploy millions of troops and enter Iraq.
* Iran could cut off much of the world’s oil which comes through the Straight of Hormuz.
Feared or actual Iranian attacks on oil facilities and any ongoing battles would drive the price of oil sky-high, devastating the world economy.
* Russia and China could retaliate by dumping the U.S. dollar for trade purposes, forcing up interest rates and prices of imported and even domestic goods; if the housing bubble burst most Americans would be impoverished.
* Russia and China have made new nuclear, trade and political alliances with Iran which ups the ante of any conflict, even if it does not go nuclear in the first few days.
Outraged Pakistani radicals could take over its nuclear weapons and bomb Israel, unleashing Israel’s infamous “Samson Option” (as described in Seymour Hersh's book of the same name) of nuclear attacks against Arab and even European and Russian cities. When Israel nukes Moscow, Moscow nukes America. Israel's nuclear blackmail of America must be stopped.


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