Sub Se pahle Pakistan

5 Americans Capture in Pakistan , Pakistan GOV giving them Pizza , Mineral Water & burger . Either then they are Terrorist.

A Pakistani PhD, Having 144 honorary degrees & certificates, In Neurology,
From different institutes of the world,

The only neurologist in the world have the honorary Ph.d from Harvard University , Hafiz-e-Quraan, Aalima.

Not even a single American matches her qualifications.
She was kidnapped along with her 3 children,

By the FBI from Karachi , Pakistan , With the Help of Pakistan Govt , alleging Connection with Al-Qaeda.

Now She is in USA prison, Having Lost Memory, Due to Physical, Psychological & sexual torture, She is Imprisoned with Man But we, the Muslims are Dead,

Muslims Population is More then Any other Religious Population. But We All Busy .
So Stay and Wait untile your Death . Please Speak For Justice Speak for Truth.

( Send " Lanat " to Those " Yazidi Muslims " How help Amarica to kiddnap her )

Protest! If you cannot do anything, Just forward or Share this and just Pray for Her.

PAKISTAN " Law & Enforcement agencies " Zinda Bad

But one Day You Will Answer for This
("Baroze Qiyyamat "Day of Judgment ")

We Should Leave that Americans Friendship Attitude, This is not Friendship
Most of time We see A Grady Generals of My Pakistan Army these all Are Americans Friends. they have done what America Said as America Wants .
Like making of talibans & destroying of talibans .
Drone attacks from 2002 to 2010 .

i Request to America please stop Drone my Army can't fight with your forces . World is laughing on Pakistan but my army said that they are Brave and they have done Best ... WoW

Mr General of Pakistan army i can't proudly said that i m pakistani to my Americans Friends
because they Think you Afraid with drones and can't fight with Americans Forces .

Lot of time i fight with them and said that is wrong . but they reply if thats wrong so stop drones don't send dislodges . because Americans are Attacking . Dislodges work in Peace . Hope you will never Understand because America Paid you peoples as well .

So Enjoy in this world we all Pakistani how think that drones are shame full for Pakistan will ask for this in the Day of Judgment . because we paid you for this and i think you are servants of Pakistan and i m Pakistan .


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