Nature acted

Nature acted furiously at Haiti and suffering is terrifically high but it is people who fight back for survival bravely and built back the cities and people life back to normal

Hats off to people spirit

A massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean island of Haiti on Tuesday 12 January. The extent of the devastation is still unclear, but the early signs are not good with communications down across the country.

Few snaps to show the depth of damages and people fighting

back for normalcy which take months.

General Hospital in Port-au-Prince is down, Palace is damaged. 50,000 dead and many in thousand injured. The aftershock is reverberating. People can only see dust, All the poor on the mountains, whose houses were build on the mountains, all tumbled down, one on top another… A terrible situation! Devastating. There's NEVER been an earthquake of this magnitude in Haiti . Major aftershocks happening…

It is becoming clear that the damage has been catastrophic. Slum areas have also been badly hit by landslides. Haiti has a lot of problems as it is and this disaster risks the country sliding into an even worse state.

All countries are helping and it is the need of the hour.

Mohammad Ashraful Amin Asst.
Commissioner and Magistrate
N.D.C DC Office,
Natore Bangladesh


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