ScrollWall 1.2

License model : Free

Limitations : Not available

Operating systems : Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

Additional requirements : Not available

Publisher's description

Despite its own drab appearance, ScrollWall does a great job of jazzing up your desktop. A plain but functional interface makes it easy to search for and add your favorite BMP, JPEG, and GIF images, and we appreciate the ability to grab multiple images instead of having to individually add files.

You can choose to have the wallpaper change daily, or at hour, minute, and even second intervals. ScrollWall runs in the background and isn't a resource hog, but there's a brief flicker when the wallpaper changes even when the desktop isn't visible. It doesn't interrupt work in other applications, however, and the program worked well in our tests using a variety of intervals. It may not be a necessity, but this freeware program offers a cheap and effective way to liven up your desktop.

ScrollWall is a very simple tool by which your desktop wallpaper can be changed automatically after every fixed time interval in sec, minutes or hours. You can also set it to change the desktop wallpaper at every startup. The set of wallpapers can be selected by you, from your computer, and this set can be modified whenever you want.

The fact that makes it better than other software s in its category is the thumbnail view that it provide for the selected wallpapers and one click wallpaper change feature IE you can change your desktop wallpaper with just a click on the tray icon


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