Scrapland demo (Game)

Publisher's description of Scrapland

Enter a futuristic world where humans are feared. In Scrapland, you'll play the role of D-Tritus, an intergalactic traveler who finds himself involved in a series of mysterious murders. To solve this mystery that plagues the city of Chimera, you must use your ability to transform into any of the 15 character types, each with its own unique powers and skills. There also are hundreds of vehicles in Scrapland, and you have the skills to pilot each one.

This demo introduces some of the characters from the game, giving players a chance to use D-Tritus and his ability to transform into 15 types of characters. It contains one single-player mission wherein you encounter the Crazy Gambler and two multiplayer maps titled The Forbidden Zone and The Great Data Base.
In this intriguing blend of action and adventure, you play D-Tritus, an intergalactic traveler drawn into a murder mystery. You hack the Great Database to assume the identity of any of 15 robot types, each with unique abilities. Along with the third-person adventure fun, Scrapland lets you customize spaceships that race and battle in an immersive urban environment. A solid interface, impressive graphics, and the effective mix of the different modes of gameplay make for a compelling experience.

The included single-player mission provides an excellent introduction, letting you try different aspects of the game on a mission-based path. Some of the tasks require immediate completion, but you can tackle others at your own pace, freeing you to explore the world. Multiplayer games are simple to create or join, and the two maps show the variety in combat arenas.

The language is slightly harsh, with curse words barely bleeped out and a few less-offensive ones sneaking through. Unfortunately, neither the demo nor the publisher's Web site lists system requirements, but our guess is 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, and 32MB VRAM. All things considered, this Scrapland preview got us excited for the full game, a sure sign of a great demo.

License: Free to try; $39.99 to buy

Operating Systems: Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

Additional Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Limitations: No limitations

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