King Of Modified Cars

The King of Modified car 2007 Accelera Version at 14 s/d 16 Dec 2007 at PRJ JIEX Jakarta -grabbing 18 categories is Subaru with Balistic 2 from Haroen Family. Which another categories their win is the Best Display, Extreme Cars, The Best Subaru, People Choise and else.

As you see this car had strong image perfect with the name is Balistic 2 this mean this car is the second version. The first version have longest cars is about 9 m ! but when im talking with the mechanic mr. Made, now this car had only 7 m.

The Best Display Categories that i want to explained here, off course all the equipment from stage,alumunium rigging and the lighting system is from GNA Music.

We prepare using 4 Moving head with a pair 575 watt and a pair 1200 watt, using Behringer LC2412 and DMX controller to move them. we are not using par 64 lamp for colouring the stage but we put 2 laser lamps !


Ok, I'm officially and old fogey - I had no idea how big the car audio business is... its

HUGE. Most of the 409 thousand square feet of the CES north hall was packed full of car

audio companies selling anything and fevering for car audio. There array of amplifiers,

speakers, thick cables, batteries, small video screens, DVD players, navigation devices, and

stereos was jaw dropping in its breadth.
There were super tricked out cars everywhere. For example, this Scion is probably double its

original weight due to all the speakers, amplifiers and LCD displays (it has displays 16



Car audio system may be one of the most expensive hobbies you can have. But what to do when

striking a car audio equipment is available in a activity. So the first opportunity to

remind you is to negotiate a particular gadget, which is not a bad idea.


But make sure bargain wisely while forming at a price which is the wholesale and retail

prices are not sure if the seller agreed on a wholesale price for this reason that most of

these traders to earn profits by selling due to receiving the Commission.


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