iPassMan 1.0

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If you sometimes forget your online passwords and log-in data, you're not alone. You need iPassMan. It provides a helpful way to collect your usernames, passwords, and related Web sites and keep them organized and secure. This program's simple design and encryption end forgotten log-in information.

The program's interface takes a matter of seconds to master. The controls are easy to master even though the program lacks a Help file. This program acts as a filing system for all your log-in information. You simply create a new entry and fill in the appropriate Web site, user name and password, and iPassMan automatically saves your entry. You can scroll alphabetically through our entries afterward. The program keeps this sensitive information safe by requiring a master password when it starts. The description claimed our information was heavily encrypted, but with no way to test this, we had to take their word for it. This is a bare-bones program, but actually provides one special feature, an option that lets you open on any Web page you insert. This proved to be a helpful time-saver. All in all, this is a solid program that can help you manage your ever-growing collection of usernames and passwords.

One more thing: iPassMan is free. Its ability to help you keep track of your passwords and log-in data earns our high recommendation.
iPassMan is a simple utility for managing usernames and passwords for all your online accounts. Incorporating strong encryption with the internationally accepted Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), this program ensures that the security of your details is never compromised.

When you first install iPassMan, you are asked to choose a master password. All accounts you add to the program are automatically encrypted and saved to your computer - the only way anyone can view them is by knowing the master password. Simple.

License model : Free

Limitations : Not available

Operating systems : Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Additional requirements : Not available

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