Interior Minister of Pakistan , Rehman Malik, strongly defying reports of being operational in Pakistan, the Blackwater, an alleged US underworld terrorist organistation, has said he was ready to step down from office if Blackwater existed anywhere in Pakistan or there are evidences of its engagements in Pakistan.
Blackwater is operating under the name of Xe Services.
There have been strong media reports that the Xe Services, the former Blackwater has acquired properties and assets in various cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar.
There is every reason to be skeptical about these US terrorist agencies because they have history of murders, torture and sabotage in various countries of the world. Rehman Malik needs to be very alarmed over the presence of Dyncorp, Inter-Risk, Xe, and other US terrorist agencies in the garb of NGOs in Pakistan.

Where is My Brave Army ?
Where is My Brave Air force ?
Where is Pakistan Intelligence Agencies ?

Ans : They are Busy in Counting $$$ :P :D :P

We are Crying since 2001 . but now Respactfull Black water Kill lot of Army Generals .
and theres Family members . so my army will finished them .

Tamgaa e Jurat - Or Neshane Haider free for my all Army Generals just because of there beautifull Attitude .

I request to All world please Send us $$ we will do what ever u say . if u want to kill innocents pakistani Just send few $$ to my Forces they will do that for you dont send any of your Solders , Lot of Peoples are Sold to USA ( the case is Running in Supreme cot ... that is True .. if anyone not Belive just see the Histroy and find the Truth .

We are Feed up with this . Please dont only Think About you and yours Children . i m 29 years man and i dont have Job .. kindly tell me what to do ?
join Black water ? or should Join Taliban's Militants ? Our Children Also need Food like yours . We also Love them Like you peoples do .

I love my Army Solders who are fighting and who are poor but Not my Army Generals i hate them Just because they only want Money and Nothing Else . If any General Read this post and Say that is Lie ... So stop USA Bombing. Drown Attacks ... And read any Army book what kind of Braveness is that .

I love you IRAN ( Truly Muslims ) .... They are really Brave . not like Us . i think my army afraid From USA thats why they Cant stop Drawn Attacks . we are not Pay Tax for this kind of work .

Note : If anyone think i have done wrong and committed Crime to post these words against my Army and Politicians want to Capture me Just send me Email .
i will come to yours Headquarters . but Please don't send Any of your Solder at my home that will be Harm for me Because we Have respactful Family . thank you


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