Tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

who worked for the unity of muslims in India for a seprate homeland "PAKISTAN". He was suffering from tuberculosis & he didn't tell anybody about his disease as he knew that Britishers & Hindus will not give independence to muslims of Indian Subcontinent after his death. He died for the muslims of Indian Subcontinent for Pakistan.

For Pakistan he was fighting at three fronts: British, Hindus & Tuberculosis & finally won the independence of PAKISTAN, the "Land of Pure"

He was even offered the Prime Ministership of United India by Gandhi & Lord Mountbatten which he refused saying

"I am fighting for the muslims of Indian Subcontinent not for Power".

Thank you Quaid for giving us PAKISTAN, so that we can proudly call ourself a PAKISTANI anywhere in the world and live as an independent nation.


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